Celebrating Two-Hundred Followers With Fifty Random Facts About Me

This past week has been very special to me because my blog has reached two hundred subscribers which is amazing because I only started it in August! It always knew I was probably eventually going to get to this milestone but never so quickly and so thankful for every single one of my subscribers who made it made possible and allow me to do what I love to do which is to teach others. Without my subscribers, I would just be talking to myself and might as well just write in my diary so I am thankful for each and every one of you. Opening up to others has not always been easy because I have had so many bad experiences so it’s not always easy and I don’t always do the best job at it. To celebrate all my amazing subscribers who made this post possible I am going you fifty random facts about me so you can understand me on a deeper level. How many do you know?

  • Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day! There is something about an omelete that I would much rather prefer than a club sandwich so if you want to go to brunch I am so there.
  • I love so many different kinds of vegetables but I don’t love them all and that is okay you don’t have to love every vegetable in creation to be healthy because there are always other things you can substitute for the things that you don’t like that will be just as good for you. I hate Brussel sprouts and will only eat them unless they were specifically prepared for me and there are no other options.
  • Pink has always been my favorite color! When I was younger I would always copy my sister’s favorite color because I looked up to her but the colors we liked were never actually the same.
  • I never remember to take vitamins so I try to get them all through my diet.
  • Motivating myself to workout is a struggle every single day because of chronic pain but I still do it to get stronger and to live longer. Who doesn’t want that? I always tell myself it’s just an hour out of my day and if I don’t think about the pain too much it goes by really quickly.
  • I am a really terrible gift wrapper! If you see something this is wrapped that looks like a child did it then it’s probably my wrapping job! I try to do use a lot of gift bags because honestly my gift wrapping skills are embarrassing.
  • Expressing my feeling to others is not always easy for me because of my anxiety. Sometimes it seems like I am holding things back or not speaking up when I should but actually it’s just because I am anxious.
  • When people try and have a conversation with me during my workouts it’s one of my biggest pet peeves. I don’t mind if you make a short little comment but when you try and have full conversation with me during my workout it throws off my concentration so ignored you and didn’t hear half of what you said because I need main my focus to prevent injury. I just can’t do that if I am trying to have a conversation with someone and listen to my trainer at the same time!
  • I have never gone on a diet because many of them are not sustainable and make you feel deprived so it will never last long term. I am more of a creating a healthy lifestyle kind of girl because if you can’t stick to it more than a couple of months then you might as well not do it at all.
  • I thought about starting a YouTube channel a couple years before I even started this blog and even started planning content for it. I decided to start a blog because I found out my friend had and it was something we could do together. Some bloggers have both but because of my speech delay I am self concious of the way I talk so I think I will just stick to blogging.
  • I mostly listen to contemporary Christian music but it really depends on my mood because sometimes you will find me listening to Disney tunes or pop if I am working out.
  • During the holidays I never listen to Christmas music because a lot of it is too slow for me and I just have never found anything that I liked.
  • If I had a dollar for the amount of times people told me I would make a good surgeon because of all the surgeries I have had I would have a lot of dollars but truthfully I would make a horrible surgeon and you would not want me operating on you because you would probably die! I can’t even watch medical tv shows without closing my eyes or look at my own wounds so I don’t think this would be a good career choice. If I did anything medically the only thing I might be better at than most doctors is I would being more sympatheic towards pain and giving more accurate recovery times after surgery.
  • If I could do any job it would probably be a teacher because I love teaching people new things and seeing them learn from. One of the reasons I started this blog was because I couldn’t acutally be a teacher but still wanted to help and teach others.
  • I don’t play many computer games and the only one I’ve really play is the Sims and I am literally in love! with it! You could buy me literally any version and as long as it works on my computer I will play all of them probably too much!
  • I love paint by numbers that I am literally addicted to them. I have apps on my tablet that I play for hours every day and cannot stop.
  • Sugar cookies make me constipated so I try not eat eat that much of them which is good I don’t really like them because that would be a bummer. I much rather would indulge in a chocolate chip cookie because weirdly as long as I am not eating like a dozen of them it doesn’t cause that much of a problem.
  • I don’t really enjoy decorating because I get fatigued easily and it causes a lot of pain but I still do it to hang out with friends and family so they feel happy!
  • I hate concerts! I am more sensitive to loud noises because of my Hydrocephalus that concerts are just not as enjoyable to me as they are for most people. I would much rather just listen to the album of my favorite bands when they come out than to go here them live. I never have liked a band so much I feel like I have to go hear them in concert.
  • My guilty pleasure is probably any dessert with peanut butter!
  • When I am not blogging I listen to personal development podcasts which has really helped me grow as a person and learn a lot about myself
  • I hate Facebook and Instagram but both are so important for growing my blog so I still use them. Facebook I feel isn’t growing that much and Instagram is such a hassle to upload photos because you have to do all from your celephone which it would be easier if you could do it from a computer!
  • In school I had a teacher pull me to the side and call me a failure and said I was never going to be successful if I didn’t pass this state test that was required to graduate. I never passed because my learning disability made it difficult so it ended up being waved and I don’t know if this was supposed to be some sort of motivation but it crushed me. For years I tried different things I didn’t even really like because I thought I was a failure and I needed to do something amazing to prove to myself I can be successful. It wasn’t until I started this blog and realized you can be successful with terrible test scores and I let this woman get in my head.
  • I like both coffee and tea but if I had to choose what I like better it would definitely be coffee! I drink coffee in the morning and matcha tea in the afternoon because I like my sleep.
  • I hate the term differently-abled and think that the only people that use this term are people that are uncomfortable with a disability or haven’t learned to accept it which is totally okay because acceptance takes time. Say it like it is because there is nothing wrong with being disabled but all it means is that you aren’t able to do certain things and using a different term doesn’t change that.
  • I have four amazing sisters and one absolutely adorable niece that are way better looking than I am!
  • Math was my favorite subject in school and to this day I don’t why because I am terrible at it!
  • I never label foods good or bad and say I can’t have certain food because they’re unhealthy. Labeling food is negative and will make you feel deprived so you get depressed from not allowing yourself to occasionally indulge in the things you love. It’s okay to indulge in your favorite sweet treat occasionally because it won’t throw you off track as long as your not making a daily habit of eating a dozen cookies. When I am working towards goal and want to get to that goal quicker instead of saying I can’t have certain things I tell myself that I can but I am choosing not to for better results. It’s a more positive way to look at food that has worked well for me.
  • I used to love bacon but now it makes me feel nauseous so I don’t eat it.
  • I hated reading in school because I always had to read the most boring stories and teachers wondered why my reading comprehension never imporoved. It’s honestly because the stories were so boring and It started daydreaming halfway through it.
  • I can figure out algebra but geometry you can forget it!
  • Aladdin is one of my favorite Disney movies and I even saw the play which I don’t typically enjoy plays but I really loved it and would totally see it again!
  • I cry often not because I am sad but my migraines tends to make me emotional at random times.
  • I wake up around seven or eight every morning but not my choice and it’s usually because I have some sort of pain that has woken me.
  • Barbeque chips are my favorite kind of chip. My friend Karly brought them to me when I was recovering from surgery one time and it made me so happy!
  • The only time I really crave sugar or really want it at all is when I am on my period because since I have so many stoma issues I can’t really tolerate a lot of sugar which has been a huge benefit for me because I don’t really crave. That’s not a bad thing right?
  • I don’t believe that crying is a sign of weakness because everyone cries and people that say otherwise are full of it. When I see someone crying it makes me sad because I know they must be hurting.
  • Sometimes I do feel left out when my friends and family are doing activities I am unable to participate in but that is okay because it’s part of being disabled so I have learned to accept it.
  • I love to binge-watch Disney movies on high pain days!
  • Sometimes I stop eating cookies not because I am having a stoma issue but because I have sensitive teeth that often are irritated by sugar and cause severe pain.
  • I believe in pushing your body slightly out of it’s comfort zone but not in the no pain no gain philosophy because I think when you take that approach it’s easy to get injured.
  • When my sisters talk about the success in their careers I get kind of jealous and wish I had something like that I could work towards. I don’t necessarily want to work the same type of jobs they do but there are some careers I wish I could have but can’t because of my disability!
  • I have no idea how to play chess or checkers but would be willing to learn
  • Never leave the room when you’re playing Uno with your sister because she takes all the wild’s and puts them in her deck!
  • I can’t chew gum because I get addicted to it and will chew until my jaw hurts and will still keep chewing.
  • When I was younger I hated eggs and it took me hours to eat them but as I grew older I learned they are acutally good for you so I started eating them and now I love them.
  • I used to like Bath and Body Works products but recently I started to develop a reaction to it and now it just makes me break out in hives so I have to use more natural things.
  • I honestly don’t have them many stoma issues and usually only have an issue at events because I am more stressed.
  • I chose to do Pilates as my go to exercise not because I have anything against Yoga but there a lot of moves I physically can’t do in Yoga and very rarely can Yoga moves be modifed but most Pilates moves can. Many people think Pilates and Yoga are the same thing which they are similar but not the same.
  • I don’t like the beach because of my anxious mind makes it nearly impossible to relax so I just get bored in a hour.

This is not my first blog and before this one, I had two other blogs that lasted for a while but made me feel dead instead which I knew wasn’t going to last because the name made me want to cringe so I was never motivated but literally had to force myself to write blog posts. As soon as I started this blog my motivation skyrocketed and it was my most successful blog yet because I loved the name! This community has grown so much in such a short time because I blog not because I feel like I have to but I want to. The reason why your blog is super important because if you just do it because it’s a good side hustle then you won’t be motivated to do what it takes to be successful. I hope you enjoyed this fun little post and learned a little bit more about me because I can’t wait to bring you more incredible content and see where this thing goes. Did you learn anything new about me? I hope you did because I tried to come up with at least a few things even my sisters wouldn’t even know! What else would you like to know about me or disability in general?

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