How To Develop Healthy Habits In The New Year

Happy New Year! One of the most common New Year’s Resolutions is I want to lose weight and eating healther. These are great goals to have but unfornately most people will start off super consistent but as Feburary hit they will become less consistent and eventually give up. It’s not because people aren’t capable of making these types of goals and sticking to them but so many people make unrealistic goals that are impossible to reach in a year so when they see little progress it almost seem pointless to continue. If you have tried to eating healthier and failed but really want to this year here are some simple changes you can make to create a healthy lifestyle because it can be very simple and is not as hard as you may think if your mind is in the right place and you do it for the right reasons.

Set realistic and have action plan- Sometimes the only reason you fail at your New Year’s Resolutions every year isn’t because your incapable of reaching goals but your making goals that are actually impossible to reach in a year. I want you to honestly ask yourself is my blog realistically possible to reach by the end of 2021? If it’s not then it may be time to rethink some of those goals and pick something you can actually achieve because what makes people feel discouraged and want to quit is when they put so much effort into something and don’t come anywhere near close to reaching there goal. After you have a goal that is reachable write down the steps you will take to reach that goal and put it somewhere you can see it. A lot of people have really incredible goals they want to reach but no action plan and if you have no action plan you might as well have no goal!

Have a strong why- Whatever your goals whether it’s fitness related or goals for your blog if you want to always be motivated and stay on track when it gets hard ( which it will) then you need to have a strong why Why do you want to reach that goal? If you don’t have a strong why then it’s easy to lose sight of your goal and quit when it gets difficult. I personally don’t make goals that are strictly for vanity because for me it has no purpose and you eventually get to that goal. I am motivated when I see the vision of my blog because I am reminded of all the people I have impacted and want to do more! Be specific with your why and write it down in place you see it often so when things get difficult you are reminded of why you started.

Make one small change- Dieting is not for me like it isn’t for many other disabled people because we rely on our caregivers to feed us but if I did have the choice to go on the diet I wouldn’t because I believe you will be more successful by making healthy lifestyle choices than if you followed a strict diet plan. People often think that to reach your goals you have to cut all of these delicious treats out but here is the thing you don’t have to completely cut them and only need to eat less of them and in moderation. If you eat a lot of junk food but want to start eating healthier try making one small change like eating an apple for a snack instead of a bag of chips. It will be hard the first couple of times you do it but the more you do it the easier it will get and before you know it you will be choosing the healthier options.

Commit to ten minutes of movement- Gyms are jam-packed on New Year’s Day because everyone is so motivated to reach their fitness goals but unfortunately as we get towards the end of January and into February it gets emptier because people think it’s too hard to work out so they quit. Workouts shouldn’t be easy and if it is your probably not pushing yourself hard enough but the problem isn’t the workout itself and that people are saying they are going to exercise for two hours every day when they have never done set foot in a gym. If you put a little bit of extra weight on during Christmas vacation I understand wanting to get back into shape but being overly ambitious with your workouts is not how you get results quicker but will only make you incredibly sore which will eventually lead to burn out. Starting a fitness routine is not always easy so instead of going super hard do something simple and commit to ten minutes because if it’s too easy you can always build on that. When I started Pilates I didn’t do much and only did about ten minutes and used only my body weight but as I got stronger I was able to more and now can use reasonable heavy weights and exercise for well over an hour without getting that sore. If you can do more than ten minutes that great you want aim for at least thirty minutes of physical activity but if you can’t that is okay do what you can because everyone starts somewhere and you shouldn’t be ashamed if you can’t do the standard.

Don’t compare your journey to someone else-  I can’t even begin to tell you how easy it is for social media influencers to take an image and photoshop it so you think we have this incredible body we probably don’t have. Please don’t compare your journey to someone else’s because we all have different body types and two people that follow the same diet and do the exact same workouts can lose weight and gain muscle mass at completely different rates. It doesn’t mean one person is better than the other but some people just don’t have to work as hard as others to get results. Focus on you because and be proud of your accomplishments because even if they don’t come anywhere near close to how many things your friends have achieved it’s still matters and is something you should celebrate.

Create a routine- -I love routines because when set a specific routine in which I do certain things I get more things done and feel more accomplished and motivated. Getting out of my routine actually stresses me out but you know life happens and sometimes you can’t follow your routine exactly! If you are having trouble sticking to your goals it may be because you don’t have a schedule your winging it with everything and you need to create some sort of routine. Set a time in which you do important tasks and set an alarm on your phone so it reminds you. If you have things in the back of your brain that you need to do it can be easy to put off so set a couple of reminders that will hold you accountable and prevent work from piling up. It can hard at first to get started but once you do sometimes it can be hard to stop! I know for me sometimes it can be difficult to get motivated to start a blog post but once I get going I am at it all day and it’s difficult to stop and wind down so I end up staying up really late tweaking posts. I don’t know why I don’t that to myself because I always regret it! 

Drink lots of water- I know a lot of people who will say I don’t drink water because they don’t like it. I don’t know how you can not like water because it doesn’t taste like anything but you can always add some fruit or get some sparkling water if it’s flavor that your after. Water is an essential part of life and without water your body could not function and you would die this sounds harsh but is so true! How much water you need varies from person to person and it really depends on how much you weigh and how active you are active because people that are more active may need more water than those that are not as active.

We are all hoping for a better 2021 and it can be a better year but the thing is this year is not going to be any different than last year if you take the same actions as you did the previous year. Saying that is is going to be “your year” does not make any year better or worse but actions do and if this last year was not good then do something different because this next year won’t be any better by repeating the same things that made this last year so terrible. This last year definitely had moments that I wished never would have happened but for the most part I feel blessed and have learned so much from 2020. I don’t usually fall into the pressure of making new goals in the beginning of year unless I reached my last one because for me it seems so stupid to set a goal you have zero intentions of following through with. Goals are not just for January but can be made at any time and sometimes I make them in the middle of July. What are your goals for 2021? Do you like to make New Year’s Resolutions or is it not your thing?

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