Things To Do When You Are Recovering From Surgery

When you are recovering from surgery watching tv marathons may seem great at first but after doing it for a few weeks it can get kind of boring and the last thing you want to do. It doesn’t matter how many subscriptions you have after sitting in bed for a while it can feel like there is nothing on because you will want to do anything but Netflix. I am recovering from hip surgery and have been on bed rest for a couple of weeks which wasn’t bad at first but after a month of not being able to do anything, that is not on your bed, it can get boring and old. I am still on bed rest and hopefully will get medical clearance to start to come off of it it soon but haven’t yet which can drive anyone crazy after a while. If you are stuck in bed recovering from surgery what can do you other than watch tv? In this post, I am going to talk about a few things I do to entertain myself so I don’t go completely crazy while on bedrest.

Color– If you had a surgery where sitting up isn’t going to be difficult then getting some adult coloring books may be a good idea. There are so many adult color books with a lot of details that you could waste an entire day coloring and not even realize it. I am also loving paint by numbers but during surgery recoveries using an acutal paint by number might not be a good idea because it can be a little messy and often a lot of the time you are bed-bound so you don’t have much space to begin with. There are tons of free paint by number apps like Cross- Stitch World that you could use until your able to get up and use some real real paint by numbers. It’s not the same experience but it still can be fun until life returns to normal and kills a lot of time.

Listen to music/ podcast– For those of you that know me, you would probably know that I listen to several hours of music a day. It calms my anxiety and I find it therapeutic and can literally just be lying there listening to music looking bored but as long as I have my music I am very much entertained. I also love listening to podcasts which also is a great alternative to watching your favorite tv shows constantly because you can gain a lot of knowledge through podcasts which you won’t get through fictional tv shows.

Puzzles-  I do love a good puzzle like Mahjong but if you were to ask me to do a jigsaw puzzles or Tangrams I would say no thank you! The only time I do these types of puzzles is when I am occupational therapy and my therapist wants to challenge my mind so I kind of have to but I hate every minute of it. I get bored with them and when it gets challenging I usually just get mad which eventaully ends with me quitting. If you have more patience than I do an acutally like puzzles this may be a good option for passing the time when your recovering from surgery! I just don’t have the patience to sit there for hours and try to solve a puzzles that literally seems pointless.

Learn a Language- Learning a new language is hard and sometimes you may want to but have no time or motivation to do it. If you are stuck in bed you would be surprised with how much more motivated you are to start new things than you would be if you were out and about. I have been more motivated to try new things while being on bed rest because I am limited on what I can do and bored that it’s honestly shocking how much more I have gotten done. I just hope I still have all this motivation when I can move around and do more things! Sometimes all takes it being stuck in bed to get motivated to work on things you were behind in. You may not master a language when you are recovering but if you can overcome all your excuses you may realize it’s the fear of starting that is holding you back!

Learn to type- Do you type slow? A fast typing speed is useful for certain jobs like a receptionist and can help you stand out from the rest. If you only time five words minutes and are looking for administrative work it might be difficult to find something because most jobs will want people that can type at a decent speed. If you are a slow typer but haven’t really had time to work it and are recovering from surgery now is a perfect time. I used to type very slow until once summer I decided I wanted to improve that so I spent two hours a day working on it. My typing speed did not drastically improve by the end of the summer but it was faster and a year later I went from typing ten words a minute to probably sixty or seventy! If you want to improve your typing speed just like anything else you have to be consistent, practice, and be willing to apply yourself because it’s not going to happen overnight. Fast typing not only is a good skill to have if you’re looking for a job but even if your not it helps get things done faster!

Explore Pinterest- There are so many different ideas on Pinterest you could never run out of things to read even if you did it from the time you woke up to the time you went to bed. I am literally addicted to Pinterest because it has helped me grow my blog and there are so many great ideas on there that I could spend hours just scrolling. Usually you want to pay attention to how much time you are on social media because you will get nothing done if you don’t but if you are stuck in bed unable to do anything else it really doesn’t matter how long your are scrolling through Instagram!

Call a friend- When you are recovering from surgery your friends will want to know to how you are! Call or Facetime them if you’re comfortable and keep them informed about your health. The worst thing you can do for a friendship is try and hide your pain from your friends. I had someone do this to me before and didn’t tell me she was in the hospital until I found out from someone else because she was afraid I was going to worry and all this did was make me more upset. Your friends are already worried about you because your not protecting them by keeping them out of the loop but are in fact hurting them. Tell them the truth and if they freak out or aren’t supportive of your situation then at least now you know what kind of friend they are. When I am going through some medical issues I do my best to tell my friends in a calming way so they don’t freak out but I don’t intentionally keep my health from them or let them find out from social media. People are always going to be worried if your going through something and it’s only going to be worse if you keep secret which is why I would don’t keep these things from my friends because I know what it feels like and would never want to put anyone through that.

Start a blog or YouTube channel-In the beginning of your surgery recovery pain is usually pretty high and I would not recommend you start anything because quality would likely be comprised. You always want something to be your best work when creating content because just doing it to get something out could destroy you! When you are feeling better and the pain is manageable then maybe you can start thinking about starting a YouTube channel or blog to pass the time. It’s great for using your creative skills because you never know where it will lead but putting yourself out there can make some people anxious so why not start a journal instead if your not ready? Content creation has helped me relieve a lot of anxiety but is not for everyone and if you are uncomfortable with posting things publicly that ‘s okay you don’t have to share everything with the world if you don’t want to!

Read– If you are a blogger you have access to billions of blogs that you could never run out of stuff to read. Until your up to making content again read content from your favorite bloggers!

I love a good tv marathon and at first, it may sound great and all you need but after a while, it doesn’t matter how many channels you have it feels like there is nothing on even there are tons of things. I still watch tv while being on bed rest because sometimes you have to but I do try to do other things besides just that so I don’t go completely crazy before I have been given medical clearance to move. There is no real way you can make bedrest fun and I know it can be kind of boring or depressing at times so that is why it’s really important to try and change it up your activities so you don’t try and do something you’re going to regret. You probably will become ansy at some point and want to jump out of bed so just remember that everyone recovering from surgery feels the same way. We all want to wake up tomorrow and be completely healed but that just isn’t how it works and if you want faster healing you need to listen to your body and your doctor. Your not helping yourself by exercising when you have been told not to but could be doing quite the opposite and creating permanent damage so recovery takes much longer than it originally would have. How do you keep yourself entertained when you are recovering from surgery?

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2 thoughts on “Things To Do When You Are Recovering From Surgery

  1. These are some great suggestions. A few years ago I thought I’d try to learn a language when recuperating from surgery… I didn’t get very far at all! 😂 I opted for things like reading (lots of it), TV series like you’ve found to be good to, learning new things online. Exploring Pinterest is a good one; I started an account but haven’t got any further and haven’t had the time to try to figure out how the heck things work with it. Post-surgery time would be good for that, whenever the ridiculously long waiting list can accommodate me for my next one. I hope your recovery goes as smoothly as possible – indulge in all the goodness of TV, colouring and whatever else you feel up to doing. There’s no rush to get back to the grind of life, take things slowly. Sending love,

    Caz xxxx


    1. Thank you Caz, I have been thinking about learning sign langage for a while now but haven’t had the time or motivation and thought with being stuck in bed I would. I still haven’t! I mainly just read blog posts from others, go on Pinterest and watch tv. Recovery is going good and I am just going crazy more than anything else. I can’t wait until I can’t start moving again because I am not used to being stationary this long!


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