When you Struggle With Promotion

Some bloggers struggle with motivating themselves to write content and others bloggers like myself struggle with promoting it. Sometimes you don’t feel like it’s good enough or worthy of promoting it so you just sit there hoping enough people will come across your blog and read it. Bloggers that get thousands of views a month don’t just sit there and hope someone will read there content but they actually promote it. You will probably get some readers if you do absolutely nothing but not nearly as many as if you were active in the community promoting your blog. It wasn’t until I overcame my fear of promoting myself and realized how important it is to promote yourself even if it feels scary. If you don’t struggle that much with motivating yourself to write content but have more difficulty promoting it here are some tip that may help you overcome that fear.

Just do it- I have always wanted to be that kid that basically sat in the back of the class hoping no one would notice I was there. In most real-life situations you can get away with this but if you are a content creator and need to be present online invisibility is not something you should strive for. If you are invisible online then that’s not a good sign because you become popular by showing up consistenly and being present online not by hiding. You need to be consistently putting yourself out there if you want people to know about you or you’ll be one of the millions of blogs that fails and noone ever hear about. If you keep putting things off because your scared then just do it because it’s probably not as scary as you think.

Schedule your posts- Life gets in the way of your blogging schedule sometimes and you may not have time to publish posts in real-time and that is okay. Schedulers were created exactly for this purpose so create some posts ahead of time whether it’s social media posts or blogs and put them in a scheduler. Sometimes schedulers do fail and they don’t post when you want them to but in my experience that doesn’t happen often. Consistency is important and schedulers can help you keep a consistent schedule without having to constantly be on social media!

Take it slow- One of the mistakes I see a lot of bloggers make is taking on more tasks than they can handle. If you are struggling with promoting even just one post then why are you setting up five social media accounts? Start with one and once you get comfortable with that then set up another. If you set up mulitple social media accounts and can’t manage half of them you are setting yourself up for failure so start with one and go from there. Social media can help grow your blog but if you have so many that you can’t keep track of them all you are actually hurting yourself. Even though one blogger can manage five social media accounts well that doesn’t mean everyone can so do what you think is best for you and your blog!

Make friends- In the beginning of my blogging days, I used to be that person that thought you could get away with blogging solo. Technically you can blog without any help but you will grow at an incredibly slow rate because blogging is a team effort. We need to help each other out and share each other’s posts because when you do that people share yours. Make friends and share each others posts because you will be surprised at how much faster you will grow when you share posts besides your own.

Stop making excuses– Many bloggers have jobs and don’t have time to commit to the their blogs full-time and I totally understand that but what I don’t understand is when bloggers use that as a excuse to put no time into their blog. Why do you have a blog if you have no intentions have ever creating content? Blogs thrive on new content so when you stop making it for an extended period of time without saying anything people will think you stopped and unsubscribe. Stop telling yourself you don’t have time and kill the excuses and make time even if it’s only ten minutes a day! You would be surprised how much time you waste scrolling on Facebook when you could be using that time to write a draft for your next post. If you truly don’t have time to create or can never motivate yourself to do it then maybe content creation is not the right path for you.

Remember everyone suffers from imposter syndrome- Every blogger has probably suffered from imposter syndrome where they felt like their content wasn’t good enough so they didn’t post it. You are not alone because everyone goes through this and as long as your not deliberately copying the work of others then your not a total fraud. Be proud of what you create and get permission if you want to use someone else’s idea because your content is just as good as anyone else’s. People that have been creating a week are not any better or worse than the people that have been creating for years. Don’t compare yourself to the more experienced bloggers because the only thing that they have and you don’t is less mistakes which you’ll have the longer you blog. Even though someone is popular that doesn’t mean they are better because I have seen tons of popular blogs with almost zero engagement and many small blogs that get tons. It’s not all about the follower count or views but more about how engaging your audience is!

Guest post– If you are new and are struggling to get your blog out there why not look for guest posting opportunties? It not only helps the owner of that website have more free time but also helps you get more exposure if your a total newbie. I always accept guest bloggers as long as you are willing to go by my terms so you can view my policy here and decide if it’s something that you would be interested in.

Promoting your blog is just as important as creating it if not more important because without promotion no one will know you exist. A lot of bloggers have really fantastic content that everyone should read but they don’t promote enough so no one knows that content is out there which causes their blog to die. Blogs don’t just one day become popular and that happens when bloggers begin to realize that you can’t just sit and wait to become popular but you actually have to do some work. I am still not great at promoting my content because some of my older content I am embarassed about so I would rather keep it hidden but I am working on improving it. I still promote older posts even though I am not happy with a lot of them because it’s probably not that bad and you can always update ones you truly hate. Find a schedule that works for you and start promoting your blog because there is nothing more discouraging than to spend hours creating and only have two people read them. Do you struggle with promoting your blog?

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7 thoughts on “When you Struggle With Promotion

  1. Hi, Sarah! This is good advice. I struggle with promoting my blog. I see some bloggers talking about becoming very successful in just a few months and I don’t know how they do it. Maybe it’s okay if mine grows slowly. Still, it’s much slower than I’d like.

    By the way, I had a bit of a hard time reading your post. The pink background is pretty bright. If you have the time, may I suggest adjusting the theme to make the background a little paler?


    1. Thank you, yeah it is possible to become a popular blog in just a few months but so incredibly rare and what those bloggers don’t tell you is how much work they put into their blogs! Mine is growing at a slower rate as well but I haven’t been stressing over it and am just enjoying the journey. Thank you for letting me know that my posts were difficult to read because I had no idea and it looks pretty light on my end but I changed the color so I hope that helps!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, that’s a good point! I don’t have that kind of time for my blog, so I shouldn’t compare myself to people who do.

        The paler pink definitely looks nicer! It’s possible that your monitor doesn’t show colors accurately. I purchased a color-correcting tool for my second monitor. When I look at your blog through my second monitor, it’s readable now!

        I also use a browser extension called “Accessibility Insights for Web.” I’m still figuring out how it works, but it seems to think your site is good now! It does check for things like color contrast.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s odd. It’s also possible that it’s because my eyes are more sensitive than yours. My sensory processing is more sensitive than average. (For example, I hide my face from the TV when a movie has flashing lights because it’s uncomfortable.) Thus, I might find things harder to read when others might be able to manage.

        Liked by 2 people

      3. I also have sensitive eyes because I have epilepsy that is triggered by flashing lights and migraines that can be triggered by bright colors. It’s possible I had the resolution way down on both devices so it seemed lighter than it actually was.

        Liked by 1 person

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