When you are on bed rest at first it isn’t so bad because you have an excuse to watch tv all day long but after a while it gets old and you want to do anything but that. When you’re on bed rest you miss out on so much that it’s easy to become depressed and only see the negatives of it. There are certainly a lot more negatives of being stuck in bed than there are positives but if you really think about it there are some good things about being stuck in bed. I had hip surgery at the end of February and am pretty much in bed 24/7. I occasionally get up to go to the bathroom or to stand and practice exercises to regain my strength but for the most part, I am sitting in bed most of the time. When you are on bed rest that long sometimes it can start to make you depressed because you miss out on so much and just want everything back to the way it was. If you are struggling to see the positives while on bed rest I totally understand because it’s boring and can be easy to see only the negatives of it. Bed rest certainly isn’t fun but it’s not all bad so if you are struggling to see how there could possibly be any good here are positive things about being on bed rest.

You never miss your favorite shows- How many times has your favorite tv show or movie been on television and you totally missed it. With there being so many streaming services like Netflix and Hulu it’s easy to marathon your favorite shows whenever you want but sometimes the things you want to watch haven’t been added it and you don’t know if it ever will be. The good thing about being on bed rest is you never miss your favorite tv marathons because that’s basically all you do. When you are well often you do miss it because either you didn’t know it was on or just didn’t have time to watch it. You can always record something you know you don’t have time for but if it’s a marathon that’s on for several hours you may not want to fill up your DVR that quickly with something that isn’t really important or necessary. I don’t generally like to sit and watch hours and hours of tv but sometimes it can be nice to enjoy one from time to time especially if it’s something you don’t usually get to watch! 

You don’t have to stop to eat-  How many times have you been working on something and then think to yourself I should probably stop and go eat something. As a blogger, I know that it can be so easy to get so focused on writing your next post that before you know you skipped all your meals for the day. When I am able to walk around usually if I want to eat I have to stop what I am doing and go to the kitchen to find something which is fine because sometimes I need that but also can be a little annoying when I am in the middle of something. When I am in the zone I typically don’t like to stop because even if I am only gone for a few minutes that’s all it takes to forget a really important detail I may want in a blog post. The good thing about not being able to move around is I don’t have to stop when writing because all my meals are brought to me for the time being so I can be super productive!

No one judges you for not exercising-If you are able to exercise people tend to put so much pressure on you when you don’t that I honestly hate it because it takes the joy out of working out. Why did you skip a few days in the gym? I know exercise is important and if your able you should try and make an effort but do we really have to look down on others because of how much they workout? Working out can be difficult for a lot of people with chronic conditions and is not always out of laziness so there is nothing more annoying when someone is constantly shaming you and judging your fitness more than their own. The good thing about being on bed rest is people often don’t even mention your fitness routine because they know you probably can’t and don’t expect you to. Right now I am not able to do many exercises because of my recent hip surgery except for a few hip strengthening exercising and arm exercises which most people don’t even see that I do. This is a huge benefit to me because no one is expecting me to do them and I only do it for myself.

There are so much more negatives than positives when it comes to being stuck in bed that often we focus on only the negatives. I am so lucky I am not permanently on bed rest because some disabled and chronically ill people are due to worsening of symptoms and pain. I don’t know how some people do because just being in bed for few weeks has driven me crazy and I can’t imagine a lifetime of it! I am slowly getting back to movement with the help of physical therapy but it’s taking some time to get to that point so until then I am going to have to enjoy bed life! I am eager for life to get back to normal and slightly impatient because bed rest is getting kind of old and it bugs me that I have to miss out on things I wouldn’t usually miss out on. It will be much better after I fully recover so that is something I am looking forward to like I do with every surgery. Don’t be too focused on the pain because it’s usually temporary and will seem much longer if you only look at all the bad things that have happened. since then. It takes time and as much as we all would love overnight success that’s not usually what happens but with hard work you will get there. Have you ever been struggling to cope while being stuck in bed and what have you done to stay positive?

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