Writing new content is fun but it can also be really hard and stressful to come up with ideas for you blog. Usually in the first year or two of blogging is filled with so much inspiration but as time goes and you run out of ideas it can be really hard just to get something out once a week or even once a month. There are day when I struggle to come up with something to write about but for the most part it hasn’t been that difficult for me and I am just as motivated as I was when I launched four year ago. One of the questions I get asked a lot espeically from people who don’t blog is how do I consistently create content without running out of things to say. It’s not always easy and sometimes I do face writers block like most bloggers do but mostly it’s pretty easy and I have the opposite problem. I have so much ideas and not enough motivation to write them all because most day I don’t sleep well which makes it difficult to focus when you have no energy! If you are struggling to create content here are some tips in how I stay motivated and never run out of things to say.

I love what I do– There are billions of blogs being created every day and some people create truly inspiring successful blogs while others give up after three months claiming they said everything. I know it can be hard to come up with blog topics and it’s not for everyone but I don’t buy it when someone says they said everything after three months. I truly believe that what separates bloggers that make it and the ones that don’t are passionate bloggers love what they do and don’t choose a niche they know nothing about. I have been blogging for four years and I still feel like there is so much I haven’t said or even touched on! Many bloggers don’t do it for any sort of income and would continue to write even if they made zero dollars from their blogs. If you going to spend hours a day on your content it’s easy to get discouraged especially when stats are much lower than you’d like them to be. If you’re going to write hours a day or even just a few days a week you have to love what you do and never forget you’re why because blogs fail when you start to lose sight of that. I spend so much time on my blog that I am kind of obsessive about it so I am not worried about running out of things to say anytime soon!

Make a list- Blogging takes up a lot of time and many bloggers have built full-time careers out of it which means they spend about as much time writing as you do at work. It would be very hard to make money off your blog if you weren’t organized and were in the mindset that you could always wing it. If you want to pretty much guarantee your not going to ever run out of things to say then planning will be your best friend. If you are not writing your next post then you should be brainstorming ones you would like to write about to avoid feeling stuck.

I get inspired by other creators-  You would be surprised with how many ideas you can get from other creators in your own niche. I follow a couple disability and chronic illness blogs so I am a better disability advocate and sometimes when I am reading someone else’s post I get a idea for mine. I never directly copy another creator’s idea because it’s unfair to steal someone else’s idea that they worked so hard on but come up with my own instead. Usually when I get ideas from other creators what I come up with is not even close to what I read so it’s something I can call my own. Sometimes when you work too long you miss things that are right in front of you and it won’t kill you to stop for a little bit to refocus

Ablelism is everywhere– When you are disabled it’s not hard to find ablelism because it’s everywhere and it’s even within my own family! Sometimes people I am closest to will say something incredibly ablelist without trying to that it makes me want to scream and I can’t not talk about it. I get a majority of blog post ideas from the language I hear abled people in real life or just conversation in general that it would be next to impossible to run out of things to say. Suprisingly I get a lot of ideas from just everyday conversations that you wouldn’t think could give me any ideas. I am always thinking about my blog and ways to imporve that I am never not thinking about my blog. I wish I could think about something other than blogging for even a few hours so it’s something I am always working on!

Have a schedule– Every blogger has a preference as to how much they like to post and some bloggers write once or twice a week while others do it daily. I envy bloggers that can write quality posts every single day without burning out because I couldn’t do that for two days. The downside of writing daily is that you are more likely to run out of topics a lot quicker than someone who only does it once a week or even once a month. For me writing once or twice a week works because it’s not too much where I’d run out of things to say but it’s not too little to where my blog would be suffering. Creating a schedule you can stick to whether it’s weekly or monthly is super important because then you know when you should write or just plan future posts.

I update old posts- Sometimes I am not in the mood to create a new post and that is okay because you should never write something just to get it out. Instead of forcing myself to write something new, I update something I wrote in my early blogging days that could use improvement. It’s like a new post because I basically rewrite the whole thing but it’s really not a new idea and it takes half the time!

I love to create content but coming up with new ideas after you have been blogging for four years can be the hardest part. Every blogger has struggled with this every now and then so don’t feel like your the only one and sometimes all it takes to come up with an idea is doing something else outside of blogging. Coming up with topics doesn’t always come easy to me but it does help when I plan and stick to topics I enjoy. I wouldn’t enjoy blogging nearly as much if all I did was copy others ideas because other people got success from it and they were popular. Just because someone else creates a post that goes viral it doesn’t you will have the same success if you write the exact same thing. There should be some enjoyment to blogging because it’s not always about going viral. Blogging loses its purpose when you do it for the wrong reasons making it so you become wildly unmotivated. There is tons of competition in the blogging world that it’s hard to get noticed and the only way you will have even the smallest chance is if you just be yourself. Do you struggle with coming up with new content for your blog? How do you not run out of things to say?

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