What To Expect After Hip Replacement Surgery

What To Expect After Hip Replacement Surgery

My Rockin Disabled Life

Hi friends, my name is Sarah and I struggle more than most people because of a condition I have called Spina Bifida. The media has wrongly portrayed the disabled community for many years which makes disabled people face all kinds of discrimination. My hope is to help you better understand what it means to be disabled and what it is not.

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  1. Katie Clark

    Wow, this is some ordeal! It’s good that you explain the reality but also the positive outcome. Doctor’s really don’t prepare you for the reality. My friend had a hip replacement. He healed a lot slower than the doctor had predicted. However, now he’s out in his garden, planting, weeding, etc and he’s finally feeling good again. Wishing you full recovery and glad that it’s helped you to feel better.

    1. My Rockin Disabled Life

      Yeah it’s long but it’s getting bettter very slowly! I was briefly prepared for some of it but a lot of it I don’t think even doctor’s would know because it’s one of those things you have to experience to really know.

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