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How Do You Support A Blogger?


Is reading a blogger’s post enough to help them grow and get noticed by bigger brands? Reading posts certainly helps bloggers because we need views to grow but unfortunately that alone is not enough to get noticed and there is so much more to blogging than just reading our posts. Many people don’t support bloggers because they don’t know how or they have this wrong idea that it’s going to cost them a lot of money. You can support bloggers by buying a product from them but if you can’t afford to buy anything you don’t have to. There are tons of ways you can support bloggers and most of them will not cost you a single penny. In this post, I am going to talk about how I support my favorite bloggers so they can grow and get noticed by bigger businesses.

Follow them on social media– Like many jobs won’t consider people without experience many brands won’t hire bloggers without a large social media following. Brands don’t only look at how engaging people are on your blog but also how many want to see how big your social media following is and if it’s not at a certain number of followers you won’t even be considered for a job. Many brands want to work with people that have a large Instagram following and won’t even consider small bloggers because they have a smaller audience and wouldn’t sell as much as someone who had thousands of followers. If you use social media follow our social media accounts and engage because sometimes we put stuff on Instagram that is not on our blogs so it’s worth checking out.

Comments on their posts/ like their posts- Bloggers need people to comment and like their posts, because blogging is all about social interaction, and when you have been blogging a while without any comments or likes that says a lot about your work. Comment or like a post if a blogger creates something that speaks to you because we love responding to comments and that is why we created our blogs to be more social! Try to comment on something meaningful that we can react to because you can’t really say anything to great post and might as well just like the post.

Read their posts- If you are reading this post you are doing at least one thing to support my content and the ways you give us views is by reading our posts. Hitting that like button without opening posts helps a little bit but doesn’t give us views so don’t do that! Bloggers need views like we need followers and the way you improve your views is by reading posts. Some people may be uncomfortable commenting and doing things publicly and that is okay but that is not an excuse not to read them. Views are not like followers where we know who they all are and if all you did today was read them we wouldn’t know! We would get the views but would have no idea that you read it unless you publicly stated you did. 

Send them an encouraging message-  Most of my followers are very kind but occasionally I will run into someone that wants nothing other than to see me fail. We live in a world where there is a lot of pain that sometimes gets to people causing them to be quite mean to bloggers and harassing them. It’s okay to disagree with someone’s post but the lengths people will go to tell us that we are horrible human being is kind of ridiculous. Let’s have a conversation about our difference of opinions and see if we cannot figure out why you were so upset and clarify it because there is no need to make someone feel horrible about themselves from one misunderstanding. You never know how much hate a blogger is dealing with every day or if they are on the verge of quitting because we won’t tell you that until after it’s done. It won’t kill you to some letters of encouragement because sometimes we need it and you can never get too much praise!

Share their post– Blogger are constantly sharing their content to try and get more readers because to get more readers you have to keep sharing. The more people that share our posts the merrier because the more eyes we can get our content in front of the bigger we will get. Share posts that brought you value because we do appreciate it when readers share our work and need your support in order to grow!

Try out a product we are sponsoring-  Bloggers have to make money to live just like the rest of society. Some bloggers don’t make any money at all from their blogs and are strictly doing it for fun but some people do and need to make money off of it to survive. Sometimes bloggers partner with brands to sell products and if people buy using their affilate links they make a small commision. The product doesn’t cost any more or less but it does help some blogger make a living because if noone is buying your aren’t making money! I don’t sell any products on my blog but I do run ads that have helped make a little extra money.

Don’t plagiarize- Creating new content is time-consuming and sometimes when your on a time crunch it’s just easier to use someone else’s. Please do not copy and paste articles anywhere that you did not write without properly crediting them because it’s unfair to the creator who actually spent hours working on it. You are perfectly capable of creating your own content which will be much more rewarding when you do it yourself than when you steal from someone else. This sounds like it would be obvious since everyone knows plagiarism is wrong but unfortunately, it’s not because it’s common in the blogging world and I see creators get their work stolen all the time We may not be famous writers but even the small bloggers should be recognized for all the work the put into their content. If you read a post on another website that sounds like another blogger’s post it probably is so notify them immediately because I don’t know anyone who would be okay with this.

Follow their blog-  Posting on social media has always been a low priority for me because I hate social media and if it wasn’t for automatic sharing on WordPress my social media followers would never be notifed. My subscribers are my main focus becuase they are the only ones that I know for sure read my content and everyone else can claim they do but I don’t really know if this is true. Some bloggers you know when they are going to have a new post because they have a schedule and post at the same day and time every week but some bloggers don’t like schedules. A lot of people don’t like schedules or live with pain and have trouble keeping one. Instead of checking a blogger’s social media every day to see if a new post was created follow their blog by email and get notified when one is made. Some blogger delete their social media without warning because we don’t have to tell you when we delete stuff and some do it to be kind so that’s another reason to subscribe! You never how fed up someone is with Facebook or Instagram and is just looking for ways to get rid of it.

Reading a blogger’s post does help them get views but it takes so much more than that for bloggers to become big and get noticed by other brands. More people are getting online and building businesses so it’s much harder to get your small blog noticed than it ever used to. We need the support of others because without a community you have no blog! Blogging is like having a full-time job and if you are serious you have to dedicate several hours a week into growing your blog because you spend more time promoting what you already have than you do creating new content. Bloggers need the support of others because the more shares we can get the more people that find out about us and visit are blogs! We need you to read our posts because views are important but if that is all everyone did we would never get noticed and we need likes and comments to beat the competition. How do you support your favorite blogs to help them get noticed by bigger brands? Running a blog can be expensive especially when you start to get big because then you have to start investing in more things to get more growth. Donating money can help a blogger grow their blog but is not required and there are so many other ways you can show your support that won’t cost you a single dime. Donations are great and can help us make our content better but if all you can do is comment or share a post that all we can ask for. You do what you can do because even small things will start adding up to big rewards eventually and you will be getting opportunities you never thought was possible. Growth takes time but building the blog you want is possible with patience, consistency, and help from your friends! How do you support your friends within the blogging community?

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