How To Be Supportive Of Someone Recovering From Surgery

How To Be Supportive Of Someone Recovering From Surgery

My Rockin Disabled Life

Hi friends, my name is Sarah and I struggle more than most people because of a condition I have called Spina Bifida. The media has wrongly portrayed the disabled community for many years which makes disabled people face all kinds of discrimination. My hope is to help you better understand what it means to be disabled and what it is not.

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  1. Angela

    This is a great list! I haven’t had any surgery since I got my tonsils out at 12, but I have supported a couple of people through multiple surgeries and recovery, as well as supporting my kid through several lengthy hospitalization. I find your list very helpful!The only thing I might add is checking with the person if they want any kind of “meal train” or other organization of visits, etc. Having another person handle that can be great (and having someone who isn’t close family handle it can also be great as close family may be doing more intensive support). Thanks a lot for the list!

    1. My Rockin Disabled Life

      Thank you, I am glad you found my list helpful! I never thought of it that way but with most of my recoveries, there has been something like that and people generally call before they visit and my family gets meals organized by my church for about two weeks which is helpful for my caregiver because it’s one less thing they have to do.

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