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Should Bloggers Be Worried About AI Writers?


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There are new services that I am discovering every day that makes content creation a little bit faster. I utilize things like schedulers because you are not always going to be around to publish posts 24/7 and schedulers make it so you can post when you are busy but when it comes to automatic blog writers I am not a fan. In case you are not familiar with AI blog writers it is basically a service that you can pay for and a computer will write a well-written blog post in minutes that would have taken a human hours to create. I have no doubt in my mind that services that write blogs for you can do a decent job but I will never personally be using them because as a personal blogger, I don’t think it’s necessary and if you do it enough it can hurt your brand. If I am not feeling motivated to write a post I will not write one but I will not become so desperate to get a post out that I will pay a service to do it for me because blog posts should be created by humans, not computers. Some bloggers use these services and if you are mostly doing it for marketing that doesn’t hold any real value I think it might be okay but a vast majority of the time that is not the case and people use AI writers because they are lazy. In this post, I am going to why I don’t use

It makes people lazy– The problem we have in today’s society is that people want a job that will pay them a lot of money to do nothing. Automatic blog writers make people lazy and it’s not teaching our children that you have to work hard to be successful but instead, it’s teaching them that if you don’t feel like working today there is a service that can do all your work for you . If I had a machine writing my posts I think my grammar would be better because I was not taught that in school but that is about the only thing that an AI writer could do better than me because you can’t replace the words of a real human being. AI writers will not outdo the work of a human and it’s pretty obvious when someone is using a service to write their blog posts for them because the one thing that these services lack is the personality of the individual to runs that site.

People read blogs to read your words– If I started paying a service to write my blog posts for me I am pretty confident that my family and most of my social media followers would stop reading my posts because there would be no reason to. When people read blogs they expect to hear the words of that individual and you risk losing all your followers when you stop putting effort in creating content yourself because people don’t care if you are the best blogger on the Internet and they read your blog to get your thoughts and opinions not a machine. You will lose the connection you have with your readers when you are allowing a computer to write your posts for you and it could massively hurt your blog which could end up killing your brand instead of growing it.

I like the creative process-  Content creation takes a lot of time but it is not hard and sometimes people don’t have a lot of time because life gets in the way. As a blogger, I like the creative process and don’t mind that it takes all day to write a post because if I hated it that much I wouldn’t do it. Blogging is not for everyone and if you hate it so much that you feel like you need to pay a service to do it for you, then why are you doing it? I enjoy the creative process and even though there are services that can do it for me I have no desire to use them because blogging is my personal space to be creative and I don’t want to pay someone to do the one job I am able to do myself. I can understand people that use schedulers because sometimes it’s easier to schedule things ahead of time rather than to try and be available 24/7 but I don’t get people who try and find services that will write blog posts for them because it seems like a waste of money to me. I sometimes will have guest or sponsored posts that are not written by me and I think it’s fine to have a few of those but never will you see me looking for shortcuts to avoid blogging because I enjoy the creative process.

Machines cannot write about disability-related issues better than disabled people- Machines can’t write blog posts better than disabled people There is a lot of information about disability in general on the Internet but unless it’s written by the families of disabled people, doctors, or disabled people themselves it’s probably not totally accurate. If a majority of your posts were blogging tips you could probably have a machine write your posts and in be half-ways decent but a machine cannot replace the experience of a disabled person. Disability-related issues need to be written by actual humans because almost everything that is not written by disabled people is wrong or ableist and you are only contributing more to the problem when you rely on computers to publish great blog posts. Computers cannot write about disability-related issues better than disabled people and the only way there will be more accessibility and less ableism is if we hear the words of actual disabled people because abled people do not understand disability-related issues to the extent disabled people who are constantly dealing with challenges do.

I feel a sense of accomplishment after writing- After spending hours creating a post I feel a sense of accomplishment because I spend so long creating content that I think my readers will love and my disability can never take that away from me. I don’t know how AI writers work because I never have used them but I do know that I can proudly say that I have written ninety-nine percent of my posts with exception of a guest or sponsored but even sponsored posts I sometimes write myself. I can claim most of the posts that are published on my blog as my own because almost everything has been written by me but if a machine did it I wouldn’t be able to proudly show people all the work I put into my blog.

There is a time and place for automatic blog writers but I don’t think we should be using it to blog. If you are a blogger and are worried about AI writers taking over the world I wouldn’t be worried because at the end of the day, people will prefer to read posts created by humans rather than computers. As a society, we should be teaching our children that you need to work hard to build a successful brand but instead we are teaching them how to be lazy. The problem we have in today’s society is that people are starting blogs or YouTube channels because they think content creators make a boatload for doing nothing and everyone wants careers like that. I think that a machine can write a well-written blog post but I would argue that a machine can write a blog post better than a human who has lived through those hardships can. Don’t worry about these services taking over personal blogging because I don’t think it ever will because they will always be competing against real humans who can add personality to their posts! What are your thoughts on AI blog writers?

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