Five Things Disabled People Should Not Feel Guility About

Five Things Disabled People Should Not Feel Guility About

My Rockin Disabled Life

Hi friends, my name is Sarah and I live with a disability called Spina Bifida and have more physical challenges than most people. The media has wrongly portrayed the disabled community for as long as I can remember and makes us all seem inspirational or depressed. I am on a mission to break all the stigma surrounding disability to help you learn the truth.

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  1. Invisibly Me

    Oooo this is so good! Guilt is a huge thing for me that started when my health nose-dived, and I’ve never been able to do anything about it. I would find it so easy to look at you, for instance, and say there’s absolutely no need for any guilt over anything related to your health, at all. From your stoma to working ability, it is what it is. But applying the logic to myself has felt impossible and I know it makes me a big fat hypocrite. I don’t know why it’s so powerful, but guilt for me is about anything.

    Guilty that I lost my job, guilty that I’m not doing enough, guilty if I take a break, guilty if I spend money on myself, guilty at the thought of picking up a hobby which is why I’ve still not gone back to drawing or anything, guilty about being here, guilty for being a burden. It’s a heavy weight to carry and I hate knowing many others will feel the same, to whatever degree. And you’re absolutely right about situations that can be uncomfortable because you can’t control how others react, but you can control your response to it. Fabulous post, Sarah.

    Caz xx

    1. My Rockin Disabled Life

      Thank you Caz, I think all of us have felt guilt at one time or another and you would think that I would have the whole guilt thing mastered by now because I have lived with a disability my whole life but I still do and it’s something I always am working on improving.

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