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How To Beat Writer’s Block As A Blogger


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If you have ever written an essay or college paper you may have experienced the feeling of sitting at your computer with a blank screen and not knowing what to write Some more experienced bloggers do not experience writer’s block often but when you are putting out hundreds of articles it’s bound to happen eventually. As a new blogger, I experienced writer’s block almost every time I went to write something because writing was not something I had ever done before and it was hard at first but as I wrote more and more it got a little bit easier. Some people that read my posts who are not bloggers often wonder how I never run out of things to say because some people will blog for three months and claim that there is nothing more to say. People that think they have said everything after a year of blogging were not meant to be content creators because you are not going to run out of posts that quickly unless you are doing daily blogging or posting something several times a day. How do you blog every week without running out of things to say? In the beginning, I was all too familiar with writer’s block but over time I have experienced it less and less and now I barely get it at all. In this post, I am going to talk about how I never run out of things to say and beat writer’s block as a blogger.

Write about topics that interest you- I love reading new blogs because new bloggers often are much more motivated than someone who has been doing it for years and it’s nice to see how the improvement people make in their blogs. The biggest mistake I see a lot of new bloggers make when they start a blog is sometimes people write about topics that they have no interest in because it’s a popular topic. There is nothing wrong with writing a few posts about what makes a successful blog but you should only write about blogging if it interests you because even though someone else can write about something and get thousands of views in an hour that doesn’t mean you will have the same level of success if you were to write about the exact same thing. The most successful blogs aren’t necessarily the ones that write about popular topics that went viral but it’s typically people who are very passionate about their chosen topic and do not care if they make money from it. Write about things that you are passionate about and enjoy because people love to follow bloggers that wholeheartedly believe in their chosen topic and can see right through someone who is fake and all about the views. I have mentioned my religion in some posts but you won’t usually see me write about religious or political topics because it can be controversial and writing about posts that can start a huge debate is not something I am interested in. My rule of thumb is to always write about things you would read because if you wouldn’t read your posts then why should your readers want to? The great thing about blogging is that you can write about literally anything without restrictions and I think that is what makes blogging easier because you can write whatever your heart desires which is not a freedom you would have writing a college essay.

Plan your posts ahead of time- In the beginning of your blogging journey often people have lots to say because you don’t have any posts yet but the more you create the less ideas you have. Bloggers can totally wing it and write posts the day they plan to publish them but I wouldn’t recommend that because it does not allow much time to have writer’s block. I don’t write tons of posts in advance because I like to have blogging breaks in between to avoid burn out but when I am not blogging I do have days when all I do is sit and plan topics that way I never run into a situation where I need to blog but have no topic. I think sitting and planning a topic is the best thing a blogger can do for themselves to avoid writer’s block because you are not always going to have dozen of topics at your fingertips to choose from and there are going to be days when you have a great idea but can’t come up with words. Make a list of topics you want to write about can be because sometimes you will be crunched for time but not know what to say. Planning is everything because you are bound to run out of ideas eventually and it never hurt anyone to be a little more prepared. I envy those bloggers that can come up with ideas, write the post and publish it all on the same day without difficulty but I am not one of those people and I need to plan a little bit more to avoid writer’s block.

Take a break- If you have been staring out your computer screen for over an hour and still have a blank page it might be a good idea to walk away from your computer for five because you may be overthinking things or you might just need to give your brain a break. When I am struggling to come up with the words sometimes I walk away from my computer for twenty minutes and go have a snack or something and have been surprised that when I take my mind off of it words come to me in five minutes. If you have been sitting at your computer not knowing what to write walk away from it because sometimes that’s all you need to do to get your post started. Give yourself time to take breaks from your blog because blogging can take a toll on you mentally and it can be necessary to give yourself break to avoid burn out.

Write often- When you are a new blogger sometimes you are a decent writer from day one but typically new bloggers are not able to write and publish blogs posts as quickly as more experienced ones. The very first post I wrote was only about five-hundred words which took me several days to write and at the time I thought it was the best thing ever but as I wrote more and slightly tweaked my writing style I now realize it wasn’t the best thing I have ever done but in fact probably one of the worst posts I have written. Your first post is not going to be your best because no one is great at blogging on day one and it takes years of practice before you become good at it. The frequency of how much someone writes is different for each individual because we all have different agenda’s and some people have more time to blog than others. You do not have to publish every single blog post you write and I wouldn’t advise you didn’t but you should practice writing often because the more you do it the better your writing will get. Bloggers who publish posts once every six months typically struggle with writer’s block more than weekly bloggers because people who write less do not have as much experience.  Great blogs are made with lots of practice because no one is ever the best in their field the first time they try something new and you have to develop your skills which takes time.

Find a schedule that works- Every blogger has a different agenda and the schedule that works for me is not going to work for every blogger because some people have less time to blog than I do. There is no blogging schedule that is going to work for everyone and for me personally blogging on the weekends tends to be harder to stick to because often that is when I do things with my family but for people with jobs that might be the only time you have to blog. Find a schedule that works for you as an individual because the best schedule is the one you can stick to most of the time. Some people prefer to write at night because it’s quieter in the evening but for me writing at night does not work because I do not have as much energy as I do in the morning. I like to write earlier in the day because that is when I am feeling most motivated and night blogging for me would only keep me up at all hours of the night. Find that sweet spot where you feel the most motivated to create because blogs that have somewhat predictable schedules tend to do better than those that are all over place and you never know when to expect a post.

Get some good sleep- When I am planning to write a new blog post I try not to say up at all hours of the day because it’s important to get good quality sleep to be able to write quality posts and not feel stumped. I cannot control insomnia due to chronic pain but I can control time I go to bed an at least try to get quality sleep even though it might not work out some days. Sleep is important for blogging because you are using your brain the whole time and need to feel somewhat rested to be able to feel motivated to get some work done. You can write blog posts on three hours of sleep but I wouldn’t usually recommend it because you will feel more sluggish and often struggle more with coming up with the right words to say. Get some zzz’s before you write because it will make a big difference in your quality of writing and make you less likely to sit and stare at a blank computer screen for hours. Sleep and good nutrition is often overlooked but it’s the most important thing for a productive day because if you don’t fuel your body properly you won’t want to do anything.

Some bloggers experience writer’s block more than others but I think it is more common amongst new bloggers who don’t have as much experience that are still trying to find their voice. Bloggers write more than the average person and there are going to be days when you are writing about an interesting topic but can’t come up with the right words to say and that is okay because it happens to all of us. Give yourself breaks and fuel your body well because sometimes it’s the simple things that make it harder to focus. If you struggle with writer’s block often experiment with new topics because sometimes the reason you can’t come up with the words is that you are writing about things that are boring to you. In the first year of starting my blog, I struggled with publishing content because I was trying to be really good but you are not going to be the best blogger on the Internet on the day of launch and it takes practice before you will feel like your writing is half-way decent. How do you beat writer’s block as a blogger?

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