Is It Okay For Bloggers To Lie If It Gets Them More Views?

Is It Okay For Bloggers To Lie If It Gets Them More Views?

My Rockin Disabled Life

Hi friends, my name is Sarah and I live with a disability called Spina Bifida and have more physical challenges than most people. I am on a mission to help break disability stigma and help you unlearn all the poor disability representation in the media.

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  1. Renard Moreau

    🤔 For starters, lying is unacceptable.

    Regarding views, a blogger is better off telling the truth to their viewing audience.

  2. Jenna Breunig

    I agree that lying online is a bad idea.

    I conceal some info about “Red,” an autistic person in my family. That’s because I want to write about autism while respecting their privacy. (Red is OK with this.) But instead of lying, I’m upfront about this fact. I wish more family members blogging about their disabled family members thought about privacy.

    I think some writers, mostly family members, sensationalize disability for clicks. They may exaggerate the worst parts of it. Some do this at the expense of their family member. I wish they thought more carefully. Pushing a “woe is me” narrative is neither true nor good for their disabled loved one.

    I know this is a bit of a tangent, but I wish people talked about it more!

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