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Is It Okay For Bloggers To Lie If It Gets Them More Views?


When you start a blog sometimes it’s not going to get thousands of views on day one and sometimes people will get so frustrated with their low view count that they will do anything to improve them even if that means being a little dishonest. There are a lot of bloggers on the Internet that I would say are honest people but unfornately that is not true for all content creators because it’s almost too easy to lie in blog posts and get away with it. I am a strong believer that you can build an honest brand without ever being over dramatic in your blog posts or knowingly lying about experiences to get more views. Is it really that bad to make up a few white lies to get your blog more views? In my personal opinion, I think that lying unnecessarily is unacceptable because it’s not helpful to anyone when half of the things you say are not true and there are no good reasons why you need to be dishonest with your readers and the whole point of blogging is to share your story but your not doing that when you talk about experiences that never happened. As a Christian I don’t lie especially on public platforms because I try to set an example of new bloggers but even if you don’t believe in God you should always be truthful because if you have to lie about you don’t have enough knowledge in a specific area and shouldn’t be writing about it. In this post, I am going talk about why you should not be dishonest in a blog post to increase your views.

It will attract the wrong type of audience– There is a lot of work that goes into building a brand and it can be frustrating when you see slow growth but your not going to build it any faster by being dishonest and if you do it is likely will attract the wrong type of audience. I sometimes will slightly sugar-coat my blog posts because when you write about disability sometimes you can’t tell people how it is without someone thinking you’re being too negative and unfollow you for it. You don’t have to lie to get more views because you can grow your brand by being authentic and promoting yourself appropriately I think you can grow your blog faster by being honest because it builds trust with your readers and people tend to follow bloggers that have good reputations. I think lying can backfire on you because although you can get more views by being overdramatic it may also attract a very negative readership that only cares if you visit their blog. You can make a lot of friends through blogging and the relationships you are build are the reason why a lot of people continue but you won’t have those kinds of friendship if people can’t trust you.

Sometimes people can see right through it- There will be times when a blogger can write about an experience that they had in a blog post that is completely false and get away with it because sometimes you have to be there to know if someone’s story is true. Sometimes bloggers will lie about an experience that never happened and think that they have their entire audience fooled but sometimes people aren’t as fooled as you think they are. If I were to exaggerate how difficult it is to build a brand some of my readers would be completely fooled because they are not bloggers and don’t truly know what it takes to build a brand but all the content creators who do it for living would be rolling their eyes. People that read your blog are real humans and sometimes people forget that and you don’t have people as fooled as you think you do.. If you are writing about a personal experience that never happened to you sometimes people will be fooled because some people are great storytellers and unless you were there and had some kind of proof you can’t really accuse someone of not being honest People are smarter are think and sometimes can see right through your because a vast majority of readers are real people and not robots. I can always tell when another blogger is severely exaggerating how difficult it is to build a brand and I am less likely to follow these types because you are showing me that the only thing that matters to you is views and that I can’t trust anything who only cares about selling their product.

It’s easier to maintain an honest blog– I believe that there is no reason that a blogger needs to fill their posts with white lies but I honestly think you shouldn’t do that because dishonest blogs are more difficult to maintain. It’s easier to maintain an honest blog than it would be to create a dishonest blog because when you are not honest with your readers you are constantly having to remember what lies you’ve told so you can keep up with it without anyone finding you out. . When you have an honest blog you don’t have a problem because everything you say is the truth and you don’t have to worry about accidentally exposing yourself which I think is less stressful and much easier to maintain. There is nothing worse than killing your blog because you got the reputation of not be truthful and people unfollowed you because they didn’t know what to believe.

The Internet is filled with a lot of honest creators that I would recommend but unfornately now everyone who is a public figure is an honest person and some people are all about the views. As a disabled blogger sometimes I sometimes have to sugarcoat information because if I were to be completely honest with people all the time I would be accused of being too negative and lose subscribers but all my personal stories are true. Be honest with your readers because as tempting as it is to tell a few white lies it’s not helpful to anyone and people will appreciate you more when aren’t writing only for the likes.. I know that it is frustrating to put in a ton of work only to have barely anyone read your post but lying can get you in a lot of trouble because when you recommend products you’d never use it makes people not trust you. It is easy to lie in a blog post without anyone every knowing but even though you can that doesn’t you should because it’s wrong and people deserve better than that. What are your thoughts on lying in blog posts to get more views?

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