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How I Have A Bowel Movement When I Am On My Period


Disabled people experience that abled people will never understand but we also go through a lot of normal things like being on your period just like abled people. I don’t know anyone woman who enjoys being on their period because there is nothing enjoyable about having cramps all week long but if you are a female it’s a reality of life. As a disabled person, I wish I could be exempt from being on my period but unfornately it doesn’t work that way and I get a period every month just like every other female. I think I hate being on my period more than the average person because my bowels do not work properly which can be very problematic when I am on my period because it puts extra pressure on my bowels and if I time it wrong I quite literally cannot have a bowel movement. If my period was only two or three days I could easily decide not to do my bowel regimen when I was on my period and it be safe but unfornately I have a full seven-day period and can’t do that because it would trigger even worse constipation that would likely need medical attention. The struggle of having a bowel movement as a disabled person when I am on my period is real but it is what it is because the main reason I can’t have a bowel during my time of the month is my disability and I can’t change that. In this post I am going to talk about things I do as a disabled person to have a bowel movement when I am on my period.

Drink matcha tea-  My beverage of choice in the morning will always be coffee because I need my caffeine to be able to wake up but I also like to drink matcha in the afternoon because it’s got three times as many antioxidants as regular green tea, fiber and some caffeine and all of those things together can help you poop. I don’t love the taste of matcha but I feel a major difference in my energy levels and bowel movement by just drinking one cup a day. Matcha is a type of green tea but it’s better for you because instead of drinking only part of the leaf you are drinking the whole thing and can act as a natural laxative. If you are severely constipated matcha is not going to miraculously undo your severe constipation and it’s only something you would use to maintain good bowel health but it’s not something you’d use if you made yourself so sick that you need a doctor. Some people say that you need to drink a large amount of matcha to see a difference in your gut health but I don’t think it’s necessary to be drinking pots of matcha and it can be dangerous to drink too much because you can see a difference by one or two cups a day. Matcha is so good for you but you want to make sure it’s real organic matcha because if you aren’t drinking the real stuff it won’t benefit your health.

I take some extra laxatives– I always use laxatives when I have a bowel movement because my bowels don’t work properly and I wouldn’t be able to go to the bathroom without them but when I am on my period I need more and sometimes I add an extra laxative that I normally wouldn’t use to give my body an extra boost. When I take a laxative it does not affect me like it would for an abled person and sometimes it can be ten hours before it starts to working or not work at all but it never hurts to try. If you struggle to have a bowel movement when you are on your period talk to your doctor about adding an over the counter laxative because although it’s normal to have some constipation when you are on your period it’s not normal to not be able to go at all.

Track your period- Bowel issues when I am on my period are real but it’s not a new thing for me and I have known about these issues for many years. Some women who are on their period sometimes may experience some constipation but the average person is not going to have as many problems having a bowel movement because their bowels work properly and that makes a huge difference. It is frustrating to have to deal with severe constipation once a month but I can’t change my disability and the only thing I can do is learn to cope with it. I track my period using my FitBit app because I need to know when I am expected to get my next one to be prepared. Ideally, I like to do my bowel regimen the day before I get my period because the first few days of my period it’s nearly impossible to have a bowel movement but that would never happen if I didn’t have a calendar where I took note of when my last menstrual cycle was. I use my Fitbit app to keep track of when I had my last period and I get predictions of when my next one will be which is not always correct but usually pretty close. Tracking your period is helpful for people who struggle more when they are on their period but it’s also a good thing to know because how many times do you think you have gone to the doctor and they asked the date of your last menstrual cycle and you had no idea. 

Don’t overdo it on carbohydrates– When you get a period your hormones are out of whack and a lot of the time you will crave nothing but carbohydrates.. Most people make the mistake of eating too many carbs when they are on their period because they are cramping and healthy food is not at the top of your mind when you are in pain. There is nothing wrong with having ice cream when you are on your period and I recommend that you honor your cravings but do so in moderation. Try not to overdo it with carbs and eat pasta for every meal because eating too many carbs when you are already cramping can make you even more bloated and make your cramps worse. Healthy eating is not what a lot of women like to do when they are cramping but it can ease your cramps.

Do some light exercise– There is some debate on whether it is safe to exercise while on your period and I think the answer is not the same for every woman because some people have lighter periods than others and do not have to stop exercising. When I am on my period sometimes I have more fatigue than normal and I don’t exercise as much but I don’t typically skip a week of workout unless I happened to get a migraine because movement can ease cramps. If you have a heavy period I wouldn’t do any high-impact exercise but there are tons of light yoga stretches you can do that are specifically designed for women on their period. If you have bowel issues when you are on your period move your body because movement does something to your bowels which sometimes can help you have a bowel movement on those days when your body doesn’t want to.

Drink enough water– I have mentioned before how important it is to drink your water because it helps prevent migraine attacks and constipation and everyone benefits from drinking more water. I am awful at remembering to drink water and a lot of the time you will see me drinking large amounts of water in one sitting which is not as good for you but is better than not drinking at all or I will totally forget and suffer the consequences. I cannot stress enough how important it is to drink more water especially if you are on your period and are prone to constipation because water helps soften hard stools that would have been very difficult to pass. I notice a big difference when I drink enough water and when I don’t because your body has to work harder to have a bowel movement when you are dehydrated and often it’s more painful. 

Don’t drink alcohol before a bowel movement- It may not come as a surprise to you that alcohol irritates your digestive system and changes the way your body absorbs fluids which can cause diarrhea and constipation in some people. When I used to have an occasional drink I never consumed alcohol right before my bowel regimen because I did it one time and it was not a good experience. Save your martini for after you have a bowel movement because alcohol dehydrates you and that is the last thing you would want if you are trying to have a bowel movement and it will take three times longer than it originally would have.

Take a probiotic– I started taking a probiotic a few years ago when I noticed my gut health going in a downward spiral and it has made such a difference. Probiotics can help give your body good bacteria and help fight off bad bacteria which will make you feel better and improve your gut health. I wouldn’t start a probiotic the day before a big event because until your body gets used to it sometimes it can give you a lot of gas.. Probiotics have not fixed my bowel problem but they can help keep your bowel movements regular and prevent constipation. I do change up my probiotics a lot because if you use the same product for too long it won’t be as effective but it is part of my daily routine.

Take a hot bath- If you are in a situation where you are in so much pain because you can’t have a bowel movement and all you can think about is vomiting it might be a good idea to take a hot bath. Hot water can relax your muscles and sometimes get help you go to the bathroom. When I do my bowel regimen I never use cold water because it doesn’t work and. A hot bath doesn’t always give you immediate results but when I am struggling it usually helps gets me something within an hour and even it’s not as good as it normally would be something is better than nothing at all.

Do not fast– I practice intermittent fasting on a regular basis because it helps me improve my gut health and there is no reason to stop but when I am on my period sometimes I take a break from it. Fasting has a lot of benefits but it’s not something you want to do when you are struggling to have a bowel movement because your body needs food to make that happen.

Get a bathroom stool-When I am struggling to have a bowel movement sometimes it’s helpful to slightly bend over or put your feet on a stool to create more pressure. There are times when I have been sitting on the toilet for over an hour and nothing happens but as soon as soon as I bend down or stand up everything starts to work. Sometimes all it takes to have a bowel movement is to change your position or move a little because often it does not take much.

Do your bowel regimen often- When you are disabled sometimes having a bowel movement can take a really long time but if you are doctor has told you how often you should be having a bowel movement it’s good idea to listen to them. I have bowel problems when I am on my period and I can’t change that but I don’t have as many as I could because I do my bowel regimen often and don’t let myself get super constipated. Some people don’t have bowel movements as often as they should which can be even more problematic when you get your period and are more prone to constipation.

When I am on my period I have a lot of bowel issues and I am sure a lot of women can relate to these problems but it’s different when you have a disability and your bowels already don’t work. I don’t even like to leave my home when I am on my period because my bowel problems can be very unpredictable and I don’t want to put myself in an embarrassing situation that was not necessary. Most women who get their period can relate to the discomfort of period cramps but not everyone will understand what it’s like to be in so much pain that you will literally do anything to get relief. I think most women dread being on their period but when you are disabled you hate more but its a sign of good health and even though I wish my period would skip a few months I am glad that I get them as often as I should because it tells me I am healthy. These tips can help women who struggling to have a bowel movement while on their period but it’s not just for people with period problem and can be use used for anyone who is struggling with constipation. How do you have a bowel movement when you are on your period?

*Reminder: These are things that I do to prevent constipation while I am on my period but I am am not a doctor and it should be used for informational use only and is not a substitute for individual medical care or advice.

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