Share Your Story

Do you have a story you would like published on My Rockin Disabled Life? Feel free to contact me at and I would love to give you the opportunity to have your voice heard. I don’t require much of my guest bloggers but I do have a few simple rules:

  • Before writing your guest post please run the idea by me so I can make sure it’s a message that this blog stands for. I can reject topics for any reason and in those instances, you will be asked to pick something else. I do not allow any topics that are political or religious in nature because it can be very controversial and not what this blog is about.
  • All blog posts must be original and written specifically for this blog and I do not accept any articles that have been posted elsewhere even if it’s on your own blog because it hurts my site.
  • I don’t have a specific word count that I require of my guest writers but I do recommend posts be a bare minimum of a thousand words because it will rank higher in Google and will do much better than shorter posts.
  • I do not publish posts about a disability you do not have unless you are a doctor or are related to someone with a disability that can bring value to my readers in some way. It’s not authentic if it’s not a real experience because anyone can Google a disability and then write a post on it.
  • I am trying to make this a kid-friendly blog because it’s important to teach your young ones about the realities of a disability. I do not publish any posts that use profanity or vulgar language because it’s not safe for young children and I will cut those things out.
  • Guest posts are strictly voluntary and you will receive no payment but I will share it on all my social media platform so what you will gain is exposure.
  • I completely understand that life happens sometimes and you might not be able to guest post like you originally planned. If something happens and you are no longer able to write a guest post and told me you would please give me at least a day notice to prepare for something else. Failure to not show me that common courtesy will result in no feature guest posting opportunities.
  • My mission is to be as positive as possible without being fake and I will not share any posts that were were created out of hate or to rant on others because it doesn’t help anyone.
  • When submitting a blog post please provide all your links on where people can find you , photos that are rightfully yours and a short bio of yourself so I can give you the credit you deserve. Links will not be included if I have to hunt them down so it’s important you don’t skip this step.
  • I accept blog posts from people that aren’t bloggers as long as you are willing to accept these terms like everyone else.

*Guest posts are not free marketing and if you wish to get advertising for your business please see my contact page and if you think I would be a good fit please reach out!*