How Blogging Helped My Anxiety

I have had anxiety for several years but right before I started blogging I noticed it was starting to get worse. I knew something had to change so I decided to start blogging to see if it would help! I will explain how blogging has helped me cut my anxiety levels in half! Forces you … Continue reading How Blogging Helped My Anxiety

How Can You Help When I Have An Anxiety Attack?

Anxiety attacks are scary! Your heart rate is going at a million miles a minute and it feels likes your dying so you may often ask yourself is something wrong with me? No, nothing is wrong with you and everything is going to be okay as soon as you learn effective strategies to calm down! … Continue reading How Can You Help When I Have An Anxiety Attack?

Calming Nerves Before Surgery

No one likes to hear that they need surgery but unfortunately, some of us have to go through quite a few to keep our health from deteriorating!  Surgery can cause a lot of anxiety and sometimes it can be tempting to either avoid it altogether or cancel it at the last minute by coming up … Continue reading Calming Nerves Before Surgery