How Do I Not Run Out Of Blog Post Ideas?

Writing new content is fun but it can also be really hard and stressful to come up with ideas for you blog. Usually in the first year or two of blogging is filled with so much inspiration but as time goes and you run out of ideas it can be really hard just to get … Continue reading How Do I Not Run Out Of Blog Post Ideas?

When you Struggle With Promotion

Some bloggers struggle with motivating themselves to write content and others bloggers like myself struggle with promoting it. Sometimes you don't feel like it's good enough or worthy of promoting it so you just sit there hoping enough people will come across your blog and read it. Bloggers that get thousands of views a month … Continue reading When you Struggle With Promotion

How Do You Prepare Your Blog For Surgery?

Many of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook already know I am having hip surgery at the end of February and if you don't you do now! I have dislocated hips which usually nothing needs to be done about unless it's causing you pain which one of mine is causing significant pain. You … Continue reading How Do You Prepare Your Blog For Surgery?

Celebrating Two-Hundred Followers With Fifty Random Facts About Me

This past week has been very special to me because my blog has reached two hundred subscribers which is amazing because I only started it in August! It always knew I was probably eventually going to get to this milestone but never so quickly and so thankful for every single one of my subscribers who … Continue reading Celebrating Two-Hundred Followers With Fifty Random Facts About Me

How Do I Write A Blog Post?

People often tell me that they want to start a blog but they haven't because they don't know how to write one which is kind of ridiculous to say because you can write a blog post however you want. This is such a silly thing to say especially if you are in college and have … Continue reading How Do I Write A Blog Post?

Why I Am Not Doing Blogtober

This year seems like it has been flying by even with all the craziness because how it October in a few days! Many of you have probably heard of Blogtober and if you are a blogger maybe considering doing it. For those of you who aren't familiar with this Blogtober is a challenge that many … Continue reading Why I Am Not Doing Blogtober

You’re Invited: Blog Party

I will be hosting my first blog party on Tuesday, June 5th and if you blog about disability or chronic illness you’re invited! If you work very hard on your blog and aren’t getting as many views as you would like or have been trying to get more followers this is the perfect opportunity! What do … Continue reading You’re Invited: Blog Party

Is It Worth It To Blog With Low Page Views?

Every blogger is not going to have fifty-thousand page views and that is okay, but that doesn’t mean you’re wasting your time blogging! It takes time to get a lot of page views so don’t expect overnight results! If you have low page views you need to ask yourself a couple of things before you … Continue reading Is It Worth It To Blog With Low Page Views?

Your Blogging Questions Answered

If you are a blogger you will probably agree that the more time that goes on the harder blogging gets. Sometimes viewers will send me emails asking me how I created a successful blog! When you ask I deliver so I interviewed my friend Karly who is a disability and lifestyle blogger with your top … Continue reading Your Blogging Questions Answered

Blogging Goals For 2018

At the end of July, I started this blog which has done fairly well but in order for it to continue to grow, I need to set goals! I will share a few of my blogging goals for the coming year! Traffic- How many people visit your website? Traffic is very important when growing a blog … Continue reading Blogging Goals For 2018