How To Get Your Sleep With Chronic Pain

Sleep is important for your overall health and some people only occasionally have trouble sleeping but when you have chronic pain more often than not sleep troubles are a pretty regular thing because of your pain. People without chronic pain only have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night to pee … Continue reading How To Get Your Sleep With Chronic Pain

What I Tell People Considering Stoma Surgery

Stoma surgery is a big decision that most people never have to make but for many disabled people that is something we have to think about because our bladder and bowel function don't work properly. When you have Spina Bifida it is common to have bladder or bowel problem which cannot be fixed through surgery … Continue reading What I Tell People Considering Stoma Surgery

Advice For The Newly Disabled

Living with a disability is frustrating but eventually you become used to because it's everything you know but what's even more frustrating is when you aren't disabled and become that way! Anyone can become disabled and all it takes is to get in a horrendous car crash or to become ill for your life to … Continue reading Advice For The Newly Disabled

Why New Doctors Can Be Stressful For Disabled People

When you are disabled often you have to go to the doctor more than abled people because your on more medications than them and it's the only way you can continue to get your meds. When you have a good doctor you have been going to for years it's not nearly as bad because you … Continue reading Why New Doctors Can Be Stressful For Disabled People

Body Confidence With A Disability

Summertime is swimsuit season and for a lot of abled people, it can be an exciting time that we all look forward to but for many disabled people, it can be a time that we dread. Many abled people can do workouts to prepare for summer to look good in a bathing suit but for … Continue reading Body Confidence With A Disability

The Life Of My Mom

Happy Mothers’ Day! Raising abled children has its challenges but it's nothing compared to the challenges you will face when you have a child with chronic conditions. Disabled parents have to go to a lot more doctor's appointments than abled people do and learn a thing or two about accessibility. When your abled it's always … Continue reading The Life Of My Mom

Why Is It Important To Teach Disabled People Independence?

When you are disabled life is hard and would be so much easier if everyone would do everything for you . My parents encouraged independence at a very young age which is why I can do so much for myself but unfortunately, a lot of parents feel sorry for their disabled kids and will not … Continue reading Why Is It Important To Teach Disabled People Independence?

Things That Remind Me I’m Disabled

When you are disabled you will have many positive experiences that most abled people will never get to experience. You meet people all kinds of nice people that would have never met if you weren't disabled and are given opportunities abled people are not. Living with a disability definitely has its perks because of these … Continue reading Things That Remind Me I’m Disabled

Things To Do When You Are Recovering From Surgery

When you are recovering from surgery watching tv marathons may seem great at first but after doing it for a few weeks it can get kind of boring and the last thing you want to do. It doesn't matter how many subscriptions you have after sitting in bed for a while it can feel like … Continue reading Things To Do When You Are Recovering From Surgery

What’s In My Hospital Bag?

Everyone hates spending the night in the hospital but sometimes we get sick or need surgery and have no choice. I have had far too many hospital tests done and way too many surgeries for my liking that I couldn't even tell you exactly how many surgeries I have had and know it's around thirty … Continue reading What’s In My Hospital Bag?