Things That Are Much Harder With Hip Pain

My hips are dislocated and I have always faced some kind of challenge because of that but when of them started to becoming painful which I will have surgery to correct it made everything twice as hard as it should be. We use our hips for almost everything like do from walking to bending over … Continue reading Things That Are Much Harder With Hip Pain

How To Improve Your Energy With Chronic Pain

When you have chronic pain you will have good days when you feel like you can do everything and bad days where you feel like you have no energy and just want to take a nap. Sometimes if you don't really have much going on that day you just accept it's not a good day and sleep it off but other days you just have to push through because you have a full day ahead of you. Pain can suck any little energy you may have had right out of you and there is nothing more frustrating than thinking you're going to be super productive and out of nowhere plans change because you don't have energy since your pain is too high. There is nothing you can do to get your energy back on high pain days but there are some things that may help improve your energy just a little bit. In this post I am going to talk about things I do to slightly improve my energy on high pain days so I am not totally unproductive.

Working With Chronic Pain

Over the last month, I have been interning at an employment agency to try to get some job skills that I can put on my job resume. I have done something like this before but it was an entirely different experience because my first job training was not right the fit and, to be honest, … Continue reading Working With Chronic Pain

The Pain Scale: Why Do I Loathe This Method?

If you are disabled or chronically ill you probably have heard of the pain scale and are very familiar with it! The pain scale is in pretty much in all doctor’s offices so even if you aren’t disabled you probably have heard of this method but just in case you haven’t I will educate you … Continue reading The Pain Scale: Why Do I Loathe This Method?

How To Manage Pain Without Medication

If you have chronic pain you probably have been prescribed medication to hopefully manage your pain so that it’s easier to function. For the most part, the medication your doctor prescribed will be reliable and prevent any bad pain flares but it is not perfect and sometimes it fails and you can’t figure out why.  … Continue reading How To Manage Pain Without Medication

What I Do On Bad Pain Days

As we get into warmer weather it that time of year when the heat will trigger more migraines.  I have been doing so well for about two months with barely any attacks until last week and I had several days when I slept all day and probably only exercised once maybe twice when I am … Continue reading What I Do On Bad Pain Days