What To Do On Valentine’s Day If Your Disabled And Single?

Happy Valentine Day! For many people, this is a day to celebrate your love with your spouse but for a lot of disabled people who don't have that and never will, it can be a very sad day. When you are disabled finding a significant other is more difficult than if you were abled because … Continue reading What To Do On Valentine’s Day If Your Disabled And Single?

How To Improve Your Energy With Chronic Pain

When you have chronic pain you will have good days when you feel like you can do everything and bad days where you feel like you have no energy and just want to take a nap. Sometimes if you don't really have much going on that day you just accept it's not a good day and sleep it off but other days you just have to push through because you have a full day ahead of you. Pain can suck any little energy you may have had right out of you and there is nothing more frustrating than thinking you're going to be super productive and out of nowhere plans change because you don't have energy since your pain is too high. There is nothing you can do to get your energy back on high pain days but there are some things that may help improve your energy just a little bit. In this post I am going to talk about things I do to slightly improve my energy on high pain days so I am not totally unproductive.

How Can I Entertain Yourself Without Getting On Social Media?

Nowadays because of social media, a lot of people do not know how to entertain themselves when they don’t have it. If you spend too much time on social media you will miss out on the greater joys of life and possibly get depressed! Here are some things you can do that do not involve … Continue reading How Can I Entertain Yourself Without Getting On Social Media?

How To Get Your Beauty Sleep

Sleep is very important for your overall well-being, so if you are unable to get proper rest it will affect your brain and cognitive function. When you aren’t getting the proper sleep you are not as alert as you normally would be so it will probably be more difficult to get stuff done! Sometimes you … Continue reading How To Get Your Beauty Sleep

Things To Do While Recovering From Surgery

When you have surgery watching, TV marathons can get old especially if you are on bed rest. The good news is there are other things you can do other than watch TV all day long. Play Cards- Invite a friend or two and I am sure they will be more than willing to sit and play … Continue reading Things To Do While Recovering From Surgery

How Do You Manage Stress?

As we get closer to Christmas break you may have to prepare for exams which can be very stressful. Getting too stressed out can cause some serious health problems. How do you manage stress? I will show you how I manage my stress when I have limited time to get stuff done. Manage your time If … Continue reading How Do You Manage Stress?

Why You Shouldn’t Body Shame

Have you ever looked at someone and judged them based on their physical appearance? Most people have so you are not alone but it’s wrong no what your reason is for doing it. People often are either shamed for being too fat or too skinny but no matter how you say it shaming someone for … Continue reading Why You Shouldn’t Body Shame

Life Lessons For Guaranteed Happiness

Throughout my lifetime I have learned many things that have not only strengthened my friendships but made me a happier person in general. Here are a few life lessons I have learned so far: Friendships aren’t everything- If a friend is making you feel bad about yourself, they aren’t worth your time. There is no sense in … Continue reading Life Lessons For Guaranteed Happiness

Four Things You Can Do When You’re Super Stressed

*This is a sponsored post that I received a small compensation for. I am sharing this with you because I felt it would benefit you in some way. When you are super stressed it not only can affect your mental health but your physical health as well. Mental and physical health are both equally important … Continue reading Four Things You Can Do When You’re Super Stressed

How To Help A Friend Who Is Suffering From Depression

When you are disabled it is not uncommon to suffer from depression but unfortunately, not everyone can afford therapy and sometimes we just have to learn how to cope with our depression. When your friends suffer from depression it can hard to watch because you want to help but you may not know how or … Continue reading How To Help A Friend Who Is Suffering From Depression