Things To Do While Recovering From Surgery

When you have surgery watching, TV marathons can get old especially if you are on bed rest. The good news is there are other things you can do other than watch TV all day long. Play Cards- Invite a friend or two and I am sure they will be more than willing to sit and play … Continue reading Things To Do While Recovering From Surgery

How To Help Someone Who Is Feeling Sorry For Themselves

Having a disability can be difficult so, some people feel sorry for themselves and think an abled person’s life is so much better. Avoiding these types of people is not the answer! Here are a few ways to help if you happen to meet someone who feels this way. Educate- Some disabled people legitimately think they … Continue reading How To Help Someone Who Is Feeling Sorry For Themselves

Why You Shouldn’t Use An Accessible Parking Sticker If You Do Not Need It

I cannot tell you how many times I have gone out and all the accessible parking spots are filled. Chances are, most of them are probably being occupied by someone who is not disabled. Using a disabled parking sticker or taking an accessible space just because you want a closer parking spot is not only … Continue reading Why You Shouldn’t Use An Accessible Parking Sticker If You Do Not Need It

Independence Is A Beautiful Thing

When you are disabled you want to try to be as independent as possible. Being independent makes it so you can do many things by yourself. There are a number of reasons why independence is important, and I will explain why. Embarrassment-  When you are a young disabled child and can’t do that much for yourself you don’t … Continue reading Independence Is A Beautiful Thing

Are You Disabled And Single?

When you are disabled finding the right man can be difficult. There are so many reasons why disabled people cannot find a spouse and I will explain why. Focused on disability- Some men will not go out with you because they are looking at your disability and not you as a person.No matter what you do … Continue reading Are You Disabled And Single?

How To Make The Right Choices

There are some people who will see you are disabled and think you are stupid. So they will try to sell you drugs or pressure you into making an equally bad choice. I’m going to explain how to get around this. Most disabled people are just as intelligent as an abled person, so asking them … Continue reading How To Make The Right Choices

Struggles Of A Learning Disability

Do you have a learning disability? Well, I do and with it comes many challenges. Having a learning disability just means it takes longer for you to understand something. It does not mean that college is completely out of the question. Actually, many with learning disabilities are able to get college degrees they just get … Continue reading Struggles Of A Learning Disability

The Reason I Have No Social Skills

I have been asked so many times why I don’t really talk in social settings. So, here’s the truth. I have very bad anxiety. When I am in a setting with a lot of people I get nervous and sometimes panic. It’s not that I don’t want to talk but a lot of the time, … Continue reading The Reason I Have No Social Skills

Disability? Embrace It

So many people won’t use the word ‘disabled’ because they think it’s somehow insulting or means we aren’t normal. Well, here are my thoughts on that. Disabled simply means having a condition that restricts your abilities to function physically, mentally, or socially. That’s the definition. A disabled person will not be offended if you call … Continue reading Disability? Embrace It

Qualities Of Good Abled Friends

One of my readers approached me and said “hey Sarah I loved your tips on how to move on when a long-lasting friendship falls apart” could you do something on qualities of good abled friends? That got me thinking what a great idea because although I have had a few friendships not work out I … Continue reading Qualities Of Good Abled Friends