Guest Post: Chronic Illness As An Expat: My Chronic Illness Story

My blog is all about educating you about different disabilities and conditions. Chronic illnesses and disabilities are very different but very important subjects so I asked my friend Alessia to tell her story about living with a chronic illness. Being diagnosed with a chronic illness is a daunting experience. While often not fatal, it changes … Continue reading Guest Post: Chronic Illness As An Expat: My Chronic Illness Story

You’re Invited: Blog Party

I will be hosting my first blog party on Tuesday, June 5th and if you blog about disability or chronic illness you’re invited! If you work very hard on your blog and aren’t getting as many views as you would like or have been trying to get more followers this is the perfect opportunity! What do … Continue reading You’re Invited: Blog Party

Are You Disabled And Single?

When you are disabled finding the right man can be difficult. There are so many reasons why disabled people cannot find a spouse and I will explain why. Focused on disability- Some men will not go out with you because they are looking at your disability and not you as a person.No matter what you do … Continue reading Are You Disabled And Single?

Disability? Embrace It

So many people won’t use the word ‘disabled’ because they think it’s somehow insulting or means we aren’t normal. Well, here are my thoughts on that. Disabled simply means having a condition that restricts your abilities to function physically, mentally, or socially. That’s the definition. A disabled person will not be offended if you call … Continue reading Disability? Embrace It

How Do I Manage Headaches With Hydrocephalus?

I have a condition called Hydrocephalus which means I will get more headaches and migraines than most people. If you have never heard of Hydrocephalus is it's a build-up of cerebrospinal fluid also called CSF, around the brain and the purpose of it is to protect the brain and spinal cord Sometimes when there is … Continue reading How Do I Manage Headaches With Hydrocephalus?

What I Wish People Understood About My Chronic Migraines

Everyone gets headaches not everyone gets migraines! Migraines are often misunderstood as a bad headache but it is so much more than that. According to the Migraine Research Foundation, migraines are a neurological disorder that usually includes severe recurring pain on one side of the head. However, 1/3 of people who have migraines have reported … Continue reading What I Wish People Understood About My Chronic Migraines

How Chronic Migraines Affects Friendships

Migraines or any type of chronic pain pretty much affects everything you do including the relationships you build with your friends. For the most part, our friends understand us as much as we understand them but that can all change as soon as your friend starts having chronic pain. Your relationship may not be the … Continue reading How Chronic Migraines Affects Friendships

Disability And Chronic Illness Bloggers You Need To Follow Right Now!

Do you love learning about various chronic illnesses and disabilities? Me too! I may have a lot of knowledge about Spina Bifida but have very limited knowledge about other chronic illnesses and disabilities because I don’t have them. Disabled bloggers and chronic illness bloggers are not experts on all conditions but are only experts on … Continue reading Disability And Chronic Illness Bloggers You Need To Follow Right Now!

Chronic Pain Myths You Need To Stop Believing

When you have chronic pain people often think they understand you because they know you personally but then when they say something insensitive towards your pain it show they really don't understand. They never will understand what your going through because untless you have personally gone through it and can understand it to a certain … Continue reading Chronic Pain Myths You Need To Stop Believing

Working With Chronic Pain

Over the last month, I have been interning at an employment agency to try to get some job skills that I can put on my job resume. I have done something like this before but it was an entirely different experience because my first job training was not right the fit and, to be honest, … Continue reading Working With Chronic Pain