Why I Celebrate Assistive Devices

Mobility aids and assistive devices infinitely improve the lives of disabled and chronically people but unfortunately many don’t see it that way. When people see someone using an assistive device there is so much negativity around them and people often assume around lives are horrible because of our devices but it’s because of them that … Continue reading Why I Celebrate Assistive Devices

Guest Post: Three Times Inaccessibility Had A Negative Impact On My Life

After waiting over a year for a new wheelchair Karly was finally able to get one! Karly's wheelchair is her greatest accessibility tool and when places are not accommodating of her wheelchair it can be really frustrating because instead of having fun like everyone else she has to sit on the sidelines! Accessibility does not … Continue reading Guest Post: Three Times Inaccessibility Had A Negative Impact On My Life

Fitness Equipment You Can Get Disabled People

This is my pilates ring I bought several years ago and it's really simple all you do is press this two little button on the side and it bounces back at you adding a lot of resistance to your muscles. This ring is extremely light weight that if you wanted to you could let your … Continue reading Fitness Equipment You Can Get Disabled People

How Filmmakers Get Disability Wrong

Disabled people are one of the most underrepresented groups in films and on television that it is nearly impossible to find a tv show that accurately represents the disabled community. Most movies have the same storyline which is disabled people are depressed and commit suicide or are cured of their disability. You may think that … Continue reading How Filmmakers Get Disability Wrong

Guest Post: How Muscular Dystrophy Shaped Me As A Person

When you have a disability you will face many challenges but your disability makes you who you are and without it, you would be a completely different person! My friend Karly faces many more challenges than I do but without her disability, she would be and completely different person and we would have never met … Continue reading Guest Post: How Muscular Dystrophy Shaped Me As A Person

How To Improve Your Energy With Chronic Pain

When you have chronic pain you will have good days when you feel like you can do everything and bad days where you feel like you have no energy and just want to take a nap. Sometimes if you don't really have much going on that day you just accept it's not a good day and sleep it off but other days you just have to push through because you have a full day ahead of you. Pain can suck any little energy you may have had right out of you and there is nothing more frustrating than thinking you're going to be super productive and out of nowhere plans change because you don't have energy since your pain is too high. There is nothing you can do to get your energy back on high pain days but there are some things that may help improve your energy just a little bit. In this post I am going to talk about things I do to slightly improve my energy on high pain days so I am not totally unproductive.

Activities That Are Not The Same For Disabled People

When you are disabled sometimes you hang out with your friends not because you know that activity is going to be incredibly but just to see your friends and hang out. A lot of activities are hard for disabled people and not the same experience as they are for abled people but if we are … Continue reading Activities That Are Not The Same For Disabled People

Everything You Need To Know About Spina Bifida

If you are expecting a child with Spina Bifida you probably have lots of questions! How many specialists will my child need? Will my child be able to live a normal life? Living with Spina Bifida has its challenges and can change at any time but living with a disability is not as scary you … Continue reading Everything You Need To Know About Spina Bifida

Why I Am Not Doing Blogtober

This year seems like it has been flying by even with all the craziness because how it October in a few days! Many of you have probably heard of Blogtober and if you are a blogger maybe considering doing it. For those of you who aren't familiar with this Blogtober is a challenge that many … Continue reading Why I Am Not Doing Blogtober